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Nine months with LALA!!

It’s been nine months since we started working sin LALA. During this period, we have developed successful ad campaigns that have contributed to the growth of several of their brands. Let’s celebrate with a nice cold glass of milk!

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Fútbol A.M. 
During this year's World Cup, a special opportunity presented itself thanks to the time difference between Mexico and Russia: the matches took place in the morning. Because of this, we worked with LALA to bring a new and delicious option to the table: watching the games with a cold glass of milk.

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Unidos por México 
Mexico’s political and social situation the past few months motivated LALA to broadcast a message of unity to the country. We believe that it is time to broaden our gaze, stop worrying so much about ourselves and start caring about the things that really matter. To get this message across, we created a campaign that invites mexicans to unite, to realize that we are all in the same boat and that the thing we really need to take car of, is each other.

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¡Vamos a donde vas! 
For the new Yoghurt Bebible LALA campaign, we created a new brand concept which roughly translates to we go where you go, with the intention of highlighting the “on -the-go” functionality of the product without overpromising anything else. It’s drinkable yoghurt that’s definitely not going to change your life, but it will be by your side whenever you need to add some flavor to your day. 
We told the story through two original spots and then went on to create content for social media to share the product’s new image a few months later.

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