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Get to know TNT's multi-screen experience to enhance your live events that is changing your digital business.


The delivery of the Oscars is one of the most watched and most talked about shows on the internet. Turner needed to monetize this event in the digital environment. That is why, for the second consecutive year, we launched ELIGE TU HOST, but this time with the addition of a new partner: YOUTUBE. Together, we developed a new dual-screen product that allowed users to stream the TV Oscars on one of the 6 simultaneous shows online, giving advertisers an exclusive conversation space with their audience.

  • + 700K visits in just 4 hours.
  • +8 minutes average stay per session.
  • 900% more investment in digital media than TNT compared to the previous year.
  • #OscarsEnTNT was TREND TOPIC worldwide.

CHOOSE YOUR HOST changed the way users consume live events, transforming TNT's digital business.

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