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Bungalow25 Circus creates launch campaign for new Coca-Cola leisure app: Whatsred


Coca-Cola has entrusted to Bungalow25 Circus the development of the advertising campaign for the launch of its new leisure mobile application, Whatsred, which comes to boost the hospitality industry in Spain, making it an indispensable tool to connect establishments with their customers.
Whatsred will allow the user to find the best entertainment proposals and plans around them, from the most daily to the most sophisticated: bars, cinemas, concerts, menu restaurants or luxury or art exhibitions.
The campaign created by Bungalow25 Circus aims to bring the application to consumers in a very direct way and show its usefulness in real time, so that consumers stop being mere spectators to interact with the application.
Plans and immediacy will be the real protagonists, creating a campaign of experiences, both for users and for some of the establishments that are part of it.
The advertising campaign for television will be composed of different creative pieces that will be distributed as follows.

- A generic spot of 20 "in which will be presented the app and the spirit of Whatsred.
- Five spots of 20 "which will propose five different plans and plans, and which will include the following celebrities:

  • QUIM GUTIÉRREZ: consolidated player in the Spanish market.
  • ÚRSULA CORBERÓ: model and actress with a wide trajectory in the television world.
  • LORI MEYERS: indie music group in full swing that heads the poster of most Spanish festivals.

- Three 10 "spots that will show the experience that Whatsred users have experienced.
In addition, the campaign will be complemented in exterior, graphic, radio and online.

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