Bungalow25 Circus creates launch campaign for Coca-Cola new leisure app: Whatsred

Coca-Cola has entrusted Bungalow25 Circus to develop the advertising campaign for the launch of its new leisure app, Whatsred, which purpose is to boost Hospitality in Spain, becoming an indispensable tool for connecting customers and establishments.
Whatsred allows user to find the best leisure activities and plans around him, including the more sophisticated cafes, cinemas, concerts, restaurants or art exhibitions.
The aim of the campaign created by Bungalow25 Circus is to bring the app to customers in a very direct way and show its usefulness in real time, allowing customers to in
Plans and immediacy are the real stars, creating a great campaign experience for both users and some of the establishments that are part of it.
The TV advertising campaign will consist of different creative pieces to be distributed as follows:
A 20” generic ad, introducing Whatsred and its spirit.
Five 20” ads, purposing five different plans & superplans, with the feature of the following celebrities:
QUIM GUTIÉRREZ: very popular Spanish actor.
ÚRSULA CORBERÓ: model and actress with a long career in TV.
LORI MEYERS: indie music band, headliner of Spanish music festivals.
Three 10” ads, showing the Whatsred users experience.
In addition, the campaign will be complemented with outdoors, graphics, radio and online.

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